Costas Simitis, former Greek Prime Minister, mainly cheated!

Greece was introduced to euro in 2002 but since then many things have changed. In 2011 Greece is ranking 88th in the world in the Index of Economic Freedom and 83rd in Global Competitiveness Index, worse than Latvia and Bulgaria, while France is 15th in the world. The country has to deal with 25% unemployment, illegal immigration, high levels of political and economic corruption and inflation totally up to 75% since 2002. According to Eurostat Greece has public debt 161.7% of its GDP for 2011 when officials say that growth returned. In order an EU member state to join the eurozone, it should fulfill the following euro convergence criteria, also known as the Maastricht criteria.
1. Inflation rates: No more than 1.5 percentage points higher than the average of the three best performing member states of the EU.
2. Government finance:
Annual government deficit:
The ratio of the annual government deficit to gross domestic product (GDP) must not exceed 3% at the end of the preceding fiscal year. If not it is at least required to reach a level close to 3%. Only exceptional and temporary excesses would be granted for exceptional cases.
Government debt:
The ratio of gross government debt to GDP must not exceed 60% at the end of the preceding fiscal year. Even if the target cannot be achieved due to the specific conditions, the ratio must have sufficiently diminished and must be approaching the reference value at a satisfactory pace.
3. Exchange rate: Applicant countries should have joined the exchange-rate mechanism (ERM II) under the European Monetary System (EMS) for two consecutive years and should not have devalued its currency during the period.
4. Long-term interest rates: The nominal long-term interest rate must not be more than 2 percentage points higher than in the three lowest inflation member states.
The purpose of setting the criteria was to maintain the price stability in eurozone but Greece in 1999 did not fulfill any of the Maastricht criteria. Military expenditures were charged in the delivery date but there should be charged yearly according to the percent there were constructed. The strategy of charging military expenditures in the delivery date is used by other European countries too, which don’t pass medical examinations either. All these years the international media are controlled by Jews and many Greeks are killed by rising violence and mainly blood mixture with ‘’Cronian races’’(Nephilims) which come from all over the world and have apes, reptiles, boars, birds and many more diseases in their blood.
As for Costas Simitis who pretends to be against Nicolas Sarkozy, you should know that they have both Jewish origins. They belong to a mystical secret society with the name Masonry, which controls private banking institutions, central banks, political powers, even countries. The American War of Independence in 1775 and the French Revolution in 1789 was organized by Masons, in order to increase military expenditures and turn humanity against Royalty. The Imia crisis in Greece in 1996 was also planned by Masons to increase the sales of French Military Industries. The Masons worldwide and especially in Greece tend to see increased prosperity among citizens in order to create crisis and benefit by taking their properties.
Costas Simitis also took up to 100 billion euro from the Greek investors through the Athens Stock Exchange in 1999 which is right now as low as in 1990 and he killed with abortion thousands of Greek babies in hospitals by stating they were sick. As a result today the real Greeks are a minority in their own country, since the rest of them are immigrants which somehow speak Greek. When he was Prime Minister Pa.So.K, the Greek socialist party, was voting a government budget with surplus although they had yearly deficits. Furthermore he introduced many wastes, communists and homosexuals in his government such as the leader of the terrorist organization 17th November in Greek Intelligence Service and corrupted politicians like T. Pagalos, M. Chrisochoidis, C. Papoutsis, A. Diamantopoulou, G. Papandreou, E. Venizelos, M. Damanaki and many more in Pa.So.K’s government. At the same time he was differentiating the modern Greek religion from Christianity to Judaism by stating that Greeks origin is from Abraham, Isaac, James and promoted blasphemy of Zeus and his children Ellines. He also controlled through Masonry, the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, which was supporting Masons and drug dealers like the Archbishop Christodoulos and the Ecumenical Patriarch of Eastern Orthodox Church Bartholomew. At the same time the evaluation in the Greek public sector was mentioning in EU officials that everything was alright. All his crimes were covered by his funders who were once more the international banking dynasties of Rockefeller, Rothschild and the investor George Soros. The so-called elite society, which was acting like the most immature children, had also the approval of the Greek Conservative party. The members of New Democracy like K. Karamanlis, G. Alogoskoufis, D. Avramopoulos, D. Bakoyannis, V. Polydoras, I. Varvitsiotis, A. Samaras, K. Mitsotakis and many more were watching from the burning of national flags to the vandalism of Greek monuments like the Parthenon, without to react.  
Greece or Ellas which is the country of the Olympian Gods was forced to be friendly with Jews, Turks and all of its enemies and at the same time more than 600 billion euro of its minerals were exported abroad in minimum prices since 1973. In 2011 Greece and especially Attica, which took the name by Actaeus her first king, is one of the most polluted and environmentally devastated regions of the world. Moreover C. Simitis devaluated the Greek currency to 340.75 drachmas = 1€ although initially there were discussions for much less, since it was counted the trillions in minerals the country had. I do remind you that in the Bretton Woods system in 1953, 30 drachmas = 1$ but since then there was inflation to shrink the Greek economy always in comparison with the US dollar and the printing of money with no exchange to gold. Finally the Olympic Games of Athens in 2004 ended up, from blessing an economic tragedy.  I demand you next time to pass medical examinations those who want to express their opinion.
Against all problems

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