Vaclav Klaus points out people tend to confuse environment protection with climate control. We have to take care of our rivers, lakes, seas, forests, and air. But humans cannot control the climate. Rabblerousers have been for a long time searching for a simple and sufficiently threatening catastrophe that could justify the implementation of kleptocratic ambitions. After having tried various alternative ideas, they came up with the idea of dangerous, man-made global warming. This concept was formulated despite the absence of reliable data.

The European Commission today adopted a Decision on how free emission allowances should be allocated from 2013 to industrial installations covered by the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). Although auctioning will become the main principle for allocating allowances as of 2013, a proportion of free allowances will still be given to industry until 2020, notably to reduce costs for installations in sectors deemed to be exposed to significant competition from outside the EU. The Decision sets out the rules, including the benchmarks of greenhouse gas emissions performance, to be used by the Member States in calculating the number of allowances to be allocated for free annually in these sectors.

Rabblerousers bought into the global warming dogma(WGD) at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, fell in love with it and – without waiting for its scientific underpinning – started preparing and implementing economically damaging and freedom endangering measures. They accepted the idea that participating in the global warming game is easy, politically correct and politically profitable, especially when it is obvious that they themselves will not carry the costs of the measures they are advocating and implementing and will not be responsible for their consequences.

Connie Hedegaard, European Commissioner for Climate Action, points out this Decision represents a milestone in the reform of the European carbon market. After extensive consultations between the Commission and the industry stakeholders, Hedegaard is glad that the decision has received the support of the Member States and the European Parliament. Benchmarks give industry clear indications of what is possible in the respective sectors in terms of low carbon production, and provide an advantage to the most carbon-efficient installations.

There are plenty of arguments indicating that the real threat is not global warming itself. The real threat comes when kleptocrats start playing with the climate and with all of us. Environmentalism and global warming alarmism ask for restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions, which would substantially increase the costs of energy. This would be devastating, because cheap energy is the source of much of our prosperity.

The Global Warming Dogma(GWD) asks for an almost unprecedented expansion of government intrusion into our lives and of government control over us. They tell us how to live, what to do, how to behave, what to consume, what to eat, how to travel, how to spend our holidays and many other things.

As stipulated in the revised EU ETS Directive, the benchmarks are in most cases based on the average emissions performance of the most efficient 10% of installations in a given sector or sub-sector in the EU. This average has been derived from verified real-life production data in recent years (2007-2008) provided by the industry sectors themselves.

The benchmarks are expressed in tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) per tonne of product produced. The benchmarks will be multiplied by the historical production data for a given installation to determine how many free allowances it will receive.

All the necessary arguments relevant for today's debate are well-known and it is difficult to add anything fundamentally new to them. Vaclav Klaus keeps stressing four basic facts that are intentionally overlooked by rabblerousers, pullpeddlers, and the media:

• First, the increase in global temperature, which has been going on in the last three centuries, has been very small, certainly not dangerous. There are many convincing arguments that its future development will follow the same pace.

• Second, there has been no statistically significant net global warming in the last twelve-thirteen years. The same decrease in temperature happened in the years 1880–1910 and 1940–1978. This is not a proof of the impossibility of another change of temperature in the future but it is a relevant piece of information, totally ignored by the politicians and the media. It shows that there is no correlation between temperature and the increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide.

• Third, the scientific dispute about the causes of the recent climate change is not over, it continues. There is no scientific consensus in this field. What is more and more evident is that the CO2 is not the main culprit. There are other potential factors. Carbon dioxide constitutes less than 4% of the total of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (whereas water vapour more than 90%). Of that 4%, mankind contributes a little more than 3%. Three per cent of 4 per cent is 0.12%.

• Fourth, the idea of a static, unchanging climate is foreign to the history of the Earth. The climate has always been changing and the attempts to fix it just now are entirely irrational. The people have proved to be able to adapt to warmer or cooler temperatures. Better technologies and higher wealth will help them. There is no reason to expect that the people will lose this adaptability just now.



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