Violation of religious Freedom in Greece

Violation of religious Freedom in Greece the human rights of religious freedom are non existent in Greece for our Hellenic Religion. Hellenic Religion is the religion of our ancestors and is the religion of ancient Greece and classical civilization.

It is the religion that gave birth to the great miracle of the classical golden age, Greek philosophy, Greek art and Olympic games.

Today the Hellenic Religion is alive although it never died and it survived underground during the middle Ages and the ottoman occupation. It has remained outlawed for 17 centuries but now it is time at last to appear publicly and formally. We believers must have the freedom to exercise our religious rights like all others.

The era of religious oppression must have an end.The Orthodox christian Greek government follows a policy of the justinian code demanding that every citizen be christian Orthodox or not exist at all. This is ridiculous for a religion to be hidden for 17 centuries.

We are not officially recognized. We are not permitted to establish a place of Worship church or temple. WE ARE LOOKING FOR OFFICIAL RECOGNITION FROM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. 

Themistokles Thanasas priest of the Hellenic Religion. 
We wish to found a religious organization in America with the name Hellenic Religion that will be eligible to help From abroad the struggle for the survival of ancient rites and cultures of the Hellenic civilization. 

Thank you
Please contact at tthanasas9@gmail.com

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