Europeism is a product of Eurokleptocrats. It is a product of the drones who do not want to go to work from 8am until 5pm during the week and to have a normal job. It is a product of the freaks who want to steer, command, patronize, and legislate others. On the one hand, they include politicians and to them related bureaucrats and on the other hand, eggheads operating in the public space and in the media who are attached to politicians.

Fourth Reich(EU) is an illegal confederation that has no voted constitution, a flag no one salutes, an anthem no one sings, a Fuehrer no one can name, a parliament of prostitutes, a capital of huge bureaucracy no one controls, a currency that soon will not exist, rules of fiscal behavior that no member has been penalized for ignoring, a commission which is the Eldorado of corruption, brutal cybercops, and kleptocrats galore!

Marilizardism, terrorizing dissident bloggers, has metastasized in many Mediterranean countries. Merciless Marilizard, the culprit of October-18 shock and awe, terrorizes Graecoblogosphere. Accusing dissident bloggers of treason, Graecokleptocrats have manufactured a blood libel in cyberspace, which in turn may incite hatred and violence. The freakish government of Graecokleptocracy, October-18 mafia, is the only government on Earth which robs the computers of its citizens! Infamous CCU is the brutal arm of the government of Graecokleptocracy which terrorizes the cyberspace, robbing computers at gunpoint, perjuring, jailing dissident bloggers, and gagging the truth. CCU of Graecokleptocracy is the most disgusting gang in Fourth Reich(EU).
Bruce Thornton points out the worldwide Great Recession that began in 2008 has taken much of the bloom off the European Union rose. These days, the enthusiastic pronouncements of recent years, when Fourth Reich(EU) was touted as a bold new experiment in living, one leading the way into a new era, sound premature if not delusional. Equally premature have been the prophecies of Fourth Reich's future dominance in the New European Century, or the prognostications that the the twenty-first century might yet belong to Fourth Reich, or the argument that the European way is the best hope in an insecure age.

Fourthreichian monetary unification is the Trojan horse for overall harmonization of economic rules, policies, and laws in Fourth Reich(EU). Any eurozone problem is interpreted as a consequence of the lack of harmonization and leads to another wave of a creeping harmonization. Following every crisis meeting with Napoleon Sarko, Chancellor Merkel always declares that coordinating tax policies and labor laws is not just about currency issues but also about political cooperation, which has to be deepened. In other words, more enslavement to Brussels, transforming the confederation to a federation!

Emulating the disgusting Marilizardist paradigm of infamous Graecokleptocrats, who persecute and jail dissident bloggers, the governments of many countries terrorize dissident bloggers. Blogging in Greece, the most corrupt country of Fourth Reich(EU), is considered an extreme-risk avocation. Freakish Marilizardist kleptocrats accuse dissident bloggers of treason, confiscate their computers at gunpoint, and lock them is jail! Freak galore! These prisoners of conscience follow the long tradition of Socrates, who was killed by the Athenian democracy.

Thornton notes Greece's near-default on its sovereign debt, the humiliating multibillion-dollar International Monetary Fund contribution to Fourth Reich's near-trillion-dollar bailout fund, and the looming similar economic crises threatening other Fourth Reich states like Ireland, Spain, and Portugal have laid bare the contradictions long underlying the Fourth Reich economic project of greater integration through a common currency and centralized policies, putting at risk its very existence. This economic failure complements Fourth Reich's unmet geopolitical ambitions. Given its limited military capabilities, Fourth Reich has been unable to project global power and fulfill its promise to be an important pole in the multipolar world that was presumably created by the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Yet despite these failures of the Fourth Reich project — greater prosperity, peace, and international influence through increased economic and political unification — many leftists in America continue to pursue policies, both domestic and foreign, that are moving the United States closer to the Fourth Reich paradigm. Indeed, many on the Left approve of the European model as something to emulate. Partly, this reflects the place Europe has traditionally held in the imagination of some Americans. Like the Yankee ingenues in a Henry James novel, they have admired the Old World of sophistication, culture, and civilization that contrasts with the New World of crude, go-getting, frontier brashness. But these days, this admiration more fundamentally reflects the belief that Europe provides a more humane and sophisticated set of social and political values.

Eurokleptocracy, gigaregulation, Antitrust Armageddon, and gigataxation, especially VAT, are the real causes of the European financial meltdown. Fourth Reich(EU), an unvoted illegal confederation, cannot protect Europeans from Eurokleptocrats, especially Graecokleptocrats, and police brutes, especially Graecocybercops. Fourthreichian Premier Barroso condones the disgusting Graecokleptocrats who accuse dissident bloggers of treason, confiscate their computers, and lock them is jail!
The freakish government of Greece, October-18 mafia, robs computers and terrorizes the blogosphere! Why on Earth Durao Barroso, Neelie Kroes, Viviane Reding, and Cecilia Malmstroem of the European Commission cannot rein in Graecokleptocrats? If Fourth Reich(EU) cannot protect Greeks from October-18 mafiosi, who will? Greek dissident bloggers want back their stolen computers, their stolen files, their stolen persona data, and their stolen lives. Restitution is a basic right in a civil society. Brutal Graecocybercops should be abolished now.

Global Tax Revolt points out the Marilizardist persecution of dissident bloggers is unquestionably a serious attack on freedom of speech, and contrary to Article 2 of Lisbon Treaty, Article 10 of the European Convention of Human Rights, and Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The disgusting government of Graecokleptocracy cannot bully the blogosphere without repercussions and blowbacks. The international civil society got a shock and awe from the brutality of the infamous government of Graecokleptocracy on October 18, 2010.

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